Meet the team.

Making something new, doing exciting work and sparking action are the notions that launched our company over a decade ago. They’re what attracted every individual working here to this field. They’re what keep our clients coming back. They’re what change the game.

At least, that’s how we see things.

President, CCO, Partner

home brewing. guitars are jealous of banjo. repurposed dining room chairs. kelly. one hundred year old home. ikea black belt. spat on by the violent femmes bassist. us patent no. d101,143. emma. life is a never-ending battle against sleep and gravity. henry.

Director Client Services, Partner

will travel for music. ap manual of style. relentless kindness. mid-century design and objects. number three. farmland, barns and railroad crossings. dark grey. listening + conversing + debating. bowling really is a class. nyt‘s modern love. dad‘s 380sl. fast walker. night cycling.

Creative Director

high chroma. gray. domestic monk. first of twelve. handmade pizza. saltwater aquaria. never finishes the last few drops. wife and seven children. hobophobe. guitar. the cloud of unknowing. always online. never a good reason to be unkind. il papa. futurism. inventive patterns. ostrov.

Creative Director

speaks with made up words. shaker egg. cooking with bourbon. off-the-clock painter. speeding. this american life. ky derby. indie rocking. feline fanatic. taurus. first of one. kansas city art institute. bohemian georgia peach. mfa@iu taught@iu. entp. louisville. purple and more purple. fave flick is taxi driver. it's noon somewhere. gino. grrrr.

Creative Director + Senior Writer

former cartoonist. 1972 gibson sg iii. the go-betweens. paella. contentious mediator and committed skeptic. eggplant=yuck. guthrie (the dog). lost in america music. william faulkner. small plane crash survivor. guitar strummer. never eat anything bigger than your head. apologetic romantic.

Creative Director

check your head. architecture. billiards. anthony bourdain. less vertical. carp. painting. chaos. english premiere league. the big lebowski. history. miami university (no, the one in ohio). khaki. barcelona chair. driving richmond to richmond. the economist. red.

Creative Director

they might be giants. motorcycle builder. give me good shoes, or give me death. infp. outdoor living is the life. compiler of vinyl and video games. screen writing in the margins. percussionist and fisherman. mongoofy. post hoc ergo propter hoc. midnight blue. occasional voice actor. has proof bill murray likes airport massages.

Motion Director

never miss a deadline. iggy pop. loyal, compassionate and easy going. riding lawnmower enamored. dedicated photographer and father. punk rock fan and anarchist to a degree. navy blue. collector of sergio leone's spaghetti westerns. tropic of cancer. work around, or solve.

Senior Designer

puzzle solver. lived at summer camp year-round. seafood should stay in the sea. spaced out watching health-trend infomercials. kdogg. extremely happy mother of one boy and one girl. i'd rather be out of town. purge rather than collect. admirer of ambition and eloquence. it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.


you talk, i listen. midnight blue. a dog person, to put it mildly. super nes star. two-time cross-country road tripper. revolted by onion-stenched hands. natural pizza folder. funny, open and cantankerous. subtlety is the art of saying what you mean and getting out of range before it‘s understood. alto sax-o-mo-phone. kai kai.


steak+potatoes+salad. my laptop is my life. collegiate division one swimmer. esfp. pickled beets and brewing. adventurous, open-minded and inquisitive. super smash bros sensei. reservoir dogs. sampson. blazin' challenge champion. the master has failed more times than the beginner has tried. cobalt blue.


basketball fanatic. jay-z fan. sometimes called jesse. a terrible knock-knock jokester. curious and ambitious. family centered. prized roku box. cancun always sounds great. boxer on occasion. mexican candy collection. bourbon me. taco me. don‘t onion me. older brother to a sister. toy poodle sam.


calligrapher and past trumpet player. sleeps anywhere. student of malcolm gladwell's outliers. meej. sociable, sarcastic and competitive. be where your feet are. sixth grade class of seven. get your windshield wipers synced with the rain. twelve thousand stickers plus. enfp. lilly scholarship to ball state, chirp chirp. fettuccine me, asap.


embrace the olympic spirit. invisible monsters in print, fight club on film. eat more avocado. blue. northwestern grad and varsity diver. colorado raised. this too shall pass. enfj. laughter is a bond. gymnast as a kid. obviously the baby of the family. answers to tan man.

Production Manager

heavy purple hues. rescue boxer named gunner. isfj. kitchenaid stand mixer. a talkative, brainy cheerleader nicknamed crash. comfort fooditarian. rotc + art scholarship. quietly scoring your texting-while-walking form. sharpie hoarder. organized, dependable, reserved. likely buried in a good book. survived two ruthless older brothers. save ferris.

Production Artist

i want it painted silver. the most valuable thing i own is time. wellin. shawshank redemption. collector of foreign currency. gamer on all levels. the kid who quietly teaches himself cool things. pass on seafood. player of the strings. three doors down, but disney is solid. fiery food tastes good. blackhawks and champagne on ice.

Account Director

life of pi. public radio. first-chair trombone. blues, jazz, rock, folk. keep the snakes away. matchbox car collector. o brother, where art thou? the artist formerly and currently known again as prince. a fisherman at heart. enfj. be prepared. see you at the airshow.

Account Supervisor

lsu tiger. zydeco spoon & washboard musician. avoids collecting to avoid hoarding. battles chronic tardiness. almost famous. two streets named in louisiana. roux the chihuahua. revels in a break of routine. strong willed and practical. sewing. esfp. laissez les bons temps rouler.

Senior Account Executive

arcade all-star. pixies. looks up to abraham lincoln and larry david. severe movie nerdery. marketing and econ minded. kansas city bbq. enjoys playing guitar, but not listening to the result. enfp. dvd and blu-ray collection bursting. chiefs, royals, mizzou. self-assured and witty. picked up and moved to chicago. proud irishman, in case you didn't notice.

Senior Account Executive

eating can be a hobby. 2pac. blue. broken equilibrium. orange county to chicago to seoul to london to los angeles to new york city to chicago. the great gatsby. you can be a mac, i prefer a pc. i'd really, really, really love fries with that. if you're korean you can call me hee-in. bradley university. superman. knitting.

Account Executive

dishing up the ravioli. rental renovator. a packers fan born and bred in chicago. charcoal gray. are you not entertained? vintage lighter collection. esfp. that overly talkative kid finding trouble. a loyal, outgoing dreamer. nothing in this world comes easy. skiing in the winter, beach volleyball for the summer.

Account Executive

tall for a non-basketball player. minimalist. bumper stickers are for sharing secretly. death grips. passionate about not being passionate. irony too. let‘s do the mango chicken tiki masala. exit rural east oklahoma. techy. grew up with dobermans. shades of blue. wasn‘t me, must have been tom catcher. adaptable, honest and curious.

Director of Finance

always game for tapas. insatiable thirst for travel. youngest in the family. lept off the world's highest cliff in new zealand. the joshua tree. mcguffin is a what, not a who. ring a ding ding. lost in translation. another illinois-based packer fan. concert ticket collection. golden doodle bessie. enfj. a lake geneva girl. be in the moment.

Auxiliary Senior Writer

junking and antiquing. secretly introverted. youngest of two. catcher in the rye. collector of vintage compacts. larklyn. quick-witted inventor. pizza obsessed. great wine enamored. wayne state journalism grad. green. proud diy-er. keep me away from the doctor. dug into a good book. generous. don't think twice.

Auxiliary Art Director

indie. appealing contrasts in vintage & modern, urban & rural. intj. liz, otto and pepper. science- and research-minded. hardworking perfectionist. calculated outcomes derived from exploration. northern illinois university. pms 425. peace, love and understanding. subculturist. vintage bmx bike magician.

Here’s how we work. Think. And give back.

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