CroweVideo Direct Mail


The Ask

Create awareness and excitement around a software launch that utilizes artificial intelligence and would be applied to all accounts.

The Answer

Create a high-impact, high-touch campaign, targeting C-suite members. Inform leaders at target organizations first, to gain buy-in and enable a top down communications strategy.

Crowe LLP is an international public accounting, consulting and technology firm. The tax department needed help launching an updated tax software, Crowe Tax Connect™, that applies machine learning to existing data collected across Crowe’s client base.

The goal was to build awareness for Crowe Tax Connect™ – generating both excitement and early client buy-in. Because the upgrade was applied automatically and behind the scenes, the communication challenge was to promote its benefits to C-suite executives, using it as a proof point of Crowe’s continued leadership in tax services and reassure them that their personal data would remain completely secure.

Disruptive mailer

Engaging theC-SUITE.

Leveraging data and insights and embracing the idea of an industry evolution, McGuffin developed an informational direct mail package that featured a video introduction to the Crowe Tax Connect™ software. This high-touch video direct mailer allowed our message to be told in a simple yet captivating way. The mailer was complemented by an awareness campaign utilizing all owned media, which reinforced the introduction of the innovative technology.

Watch the video


Client testimonial

Our Inside Sales Team has reported a rate of client and prospect meetings that is well above average, and that can be directly tied back to this disruptive video mailer.

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