MVP STAFFINGRebrand and Collateral

The Ask

Evolve the positioning, brand identity, website and collateral materials to eliminate confusion among its service lines and develop a more powerful presence in the crowded staffing arena.

The Answer

Reorganize and streamline a brand hierarchy with a new identity, a cohesive brand voice that conveys the hard-working, no bullshit attitude of the company leadership, and roll the new look out across all mediums.

MVP Staffing is a rapidly growing $500 million/year staffing firm based in Chicago, with 64 locations across 38 states. The company had been made up of four separate operating units, each with its own brand name and identity, offering variations on the same staffing solutions. Multiple brand expressions under an umbrella holding company presented a disjointed image to employees, customers and prospects. McGuffin was tapped to help bring clarity to the brand and create a rollout strategy for the new look.

Logo design

Multiple identities.A SINGLE SOLUTION.


At the highest level, we sought to simplify the brand. It started with modifying the company name from Most Valuable Personnel to the simpler MVP — which, while shorter, also maintained a uniquely positive brand dimension — to boiling down the company work ethic into the tagline ALL IN A DAY’S WORK. In the end, both clients and recruits needed to understand the simple fact that what drives this company is a 100% commitment to get done what needs to be done to better both sides of the equation.


Fully staffed for
a brand relaunch.

With a new single-minded brand message and flexible brand identity, McGuffin helped build out an arsenal of resources that allowed the company to market their strengths in a tone that is comfortable throughout the organization. The new versatility of the brand expression enabled MVP to expand into new markets and served as a guide for bringing multiple acquisitions into the fold painlessly.


Collateral and photography

With the overall brand direction decided, McGuffin worked with MVP to develop collateral systems, stationery, premium items, uniforms and apparel, along with creating a photography library of 1,000+ images and graphics.