Computer shortcuts

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep pace with technology’s ever-quickening voyage towards science fiction nirvana. We have curated a list of tech tips to keep that voyage comprehendible. This list is OS-agnostic, so these tips will work if you are a  Mac or PC user.

Restore last closed tab(s)

Missing those freshly lost browser tabs? Hit CTRL/⌘ + SHIFT +T and bring them back! You can repeat this command multiple times to recall multiple tabs.

Find on page

Where was that section, again? Hit CTRL/⌘ + F to open the browser’s Find Bar. Type in a word and find it on the current page instantly.

Make everything larger or smaller

Hit CTRL/⌘ and +  or  to enlarge or decrease the font and visuals on screen. The plus and minus will adjust the text within a web browser and will be the default until the window is closed.

Switch between programs

Switch between open windows with ease! Hit ALT/⌘ + TAB to switch between open apps/programs.