As the 11th recipient of the McGuffin Grant Marbleseed, formerly known as the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES), sought guidance in reinventing the organization from a brand level. The name MOSES was confusing and posed challenges for the organization’s future growth and brand awareness. The goal of the board of directors and staff, a group deeply committed to organic and regenerative farming, was for the organization to be a leader in the transformation of the farming ecosystem for farmers and food justice for eaters.


McGuffin helped consult and provide exploration guidance for a refreshed brand name and brand identity, providing a more contemporary and progressive look reflective of their mission. We identified core organizational beliefs and a vision that would inform the direction of the brand. MOSES established a new name, Marbleseed (a native Midwestern prairie plant), and brand identity that was reflective of the organization’s mission and their commitment to equity throughout the food system.