Do you guys do logos?

McGuffin’s logo work reflects our experience that every successful mark, no matter how elegant or original, has to be a workhorse. Whether it’s a type treatment or a highly conceptual logomark, each logo has to communicate equally well on everything from stationery to signage, ads to event programs. It has to be flexible enough to work in both color and black and white, and to have equal impact on a huge billboard and a palm-sized business card. But it has to be rigid enough to present a consistent and recognizable image in every application in which it’s used.

Each logo concept we develop is informed first and foremost by a client’s culture, its business goals and its brand positioning. Our aim is not to design something that’s simply visually trendy or aesthetically adventurous — art for art’s sake. It’s to craft logos that stand the test of time, provide our clients a competitive advantage and make our marks irreplaceable business assets.

Corporate identities and campaign lockups