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McGuffin Mornings is a free virtual event series dedicated to expanding our knowledge as a marketing community. From panel discussions to mini workshops and presentations, we bring on subject matter experts to discuss important topics and trends in marketing. Speakers have discussed everything from sonic branding to the power of an excellent creative brief in transforming your brand. Our goal is for marketers of all levels to walk away with a tip, trick or insight that sticks.

McGuffin Mornings are held on weekday mornings via Zoom for an hour or less, working seamlessly into your busy schedule. Grab a cup of joe and join us for the next McGuffin Mornings. You can subscribe to our email list to stay in the loop on upcoming events. See you there.

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Past Events

How to Become a Financial Services Thought Trailblazer

Barbara Rozgonyi – Digital marketing leader, international speaker, founder of CoryWest Media and

The term “thought leader” is losing steam, dulled and diluted by everyone with a LinkedIn profile and a content calendar deadline. If you think you’ve got all your thought leadership bases covered or need to revive a struggling program, it’s time to think outside the box — way outside, to a whole new dimension of possibility and potential.In this presentation, digital marketing expert Barbara Rozgonyi walks through how financial marketers can change their mindset from constant content-churning to becoming a true thought trailblazer that leaves thought “leaders” running to catch up.

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Impacting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: A Conversation for Marketers

Fahad Khawaja – Founder & President of Hue

Shanita B. Akintonde – Columbia College Chicago Professor, Author & Speaker

Tony Balasandiran – Vice President of Social Media at TEN35, Founder of The Culture ConNEXTion

We discuss how marketers are uniquely positioned to influence DE&I as both internal changemakers and external brand champions. We talk with three marketing leaders who put DE&I front and center in all that they do. The discussion highlights how marketers have the power to implement DE&I in practical, immediately applicable ways by creating a pipeline, understanding what “culture” really means and discussing how the Great Resignation is impacting BIPOC.

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All Aboard: Getting Buy-in on Your Marketing Plans

Amanda Willard – Principal, Willard Brand Consulting

Amanda shares strategies for successful internal buy-in for your 2022 marketing plans. She shares her experience as former head of marketing at Chicago’s iconic Lincoln Park Zoo and how she pulled off a full rebrand from scratch resulting in a new strategic plan and global urban wildlife conservation program.

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How Micromoments Make a Big Impact in CX

Jeannie Walters – CCXP, Founder & CEO of Experience Investigators

Jeannie teaches us how to capitalize on the thousands of daily interactions customers have with our brands and how easily the impact of those moments is overlooked. She discusses why "micromoments" are so important, the data behind this thinking and how to identify opportunities in your own brand’s customer journey to make meaningful change.

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An Interview with “Badvertising” Author Jim Morris

Jim Morris – Author, copywriter, creative director

According to Jim Morris, 90% of ads stink. So he wrote a book about it, aptly titled "Badvertising." In a special McGuffin Mornings author interview, we chat with Jim about his new book, why he wrote it and how marketers and creatives can avoid the follies that lead to “badvertising.”

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