Alex Cowan – Professor, tech entrepreneur & author
Beyond the Buzzword: Agile for Marketers
UVA’s Alex Cowan will discuss how to “growth hack” your way to better marketing executions with agile thinking.
Tue 11/10/20
10:00AM CT

“Agile” is a term of the day, but do you know what it really means? It’s not daily status meetings or expedited timelines. And it’s not simply being more nimble. It’s a long-term methodology that can transform your approach to marketing. Debunking the buzzword is the first step to uncovering the immense potential agile thinking has for marketing team success.    

McGuffin Creative Group invites you to join an interactive session on Tuesday, November 10 at 10AM CT with UVA Darden professor, author and entrepreneur Alex Cowan who will walk through the use of agile for “growth hacking” your way to achieving measurably better results in your marketing. 

 Questions we’ll answer include: 

  • What is agile, exactly, and what does it mean for marketing?
  • How do you identify and test promising new ideas?
  • How should marketers best engage with the new opportunities afforded by digital?
  • What new skills help marketers execute in this new environment?
  • How do you create a hit list for getting started next week?

Session will be followed by audience Q&A, so please bring your questions. RSVP now; seats are limited. 

ALEX COWAN is a professor, entrepreneur and author of the book “Starting a Tech Business.” He is currently on the faculty of UVA Darden School of Business where he teaches courses on product design and digital development. Online @Coursera, he’s delivered over 350,000 courses. Before teaching, Alex started and sold two companies and he continues to advise and invest in digital ventures. His Venture Design framework is widely used by practitioners and instructors for new product and venture creation. 

Webinar via Zoom
10:00AM - 11:00AM CT