Neil Shah – Senior Director of Global Marketing, Shure, Inc.
Colleen Fahey – U.S. Managing Director, Sixième Son
Hear your brand grow
Tue 03/10/20
8:15AM - 10:00AM
IIT Chicago-Kent Auditorium

David Bowie presciently termed it “Sound + Vision” — the ways audio could combine with words and images to make an impression or evoke an emotion. Today, with the rise of voice assistants and what’s called “continuous partial attention,” a sonic identity is becoming a key component of branding.

Join us on Tuesday, March 10 at the IIT Chicago-Kent Auditorium with audio experts Colleen Fahey of Sixième Son and Neil Shah of Shure, Inc. as we zero in on how audio moves behavior and influences sales. We’ll discuss the right time to examine your brand’s audio landscape and how Shure arrived at its soon-to-be-introduced branded signals inside its headphones.

Enjoy breakfast followed by discussion and Q&A with Colleen and Neil.

NEIL SHAH,  Senior Director of Global Marketing at Shure, Inc.

Neil is Senior Director of Global Marketing at Shure, Inc., an audio electronics company leading in the industry for nearly a century. Prior to Shure, Neil has held marketing leadership roles at companies like Beam Suntory and SC Johnson. Neil is also a musician, bringing even more passion and expertise to his work in audio.

COLLEEN FAHEY, U.S. Managing Director at Sixième Son

Colleen is the U.S. Managing Director of sonic branding agency Sixième Son. Colleen is an expert in audio branding, music activation and sonic brand strategy. She is the co-author of a book on the topic, entitled “Audio Branding, Using Sound to Build Your Brand.”

IIT Chicago-Kent Auditorium - 565 W. Adams St. (1st Floor), Chicago
Reception 8:15AM - 9:00AM; Presentation 9:00AM - 10:00AM