McGuffin Travels

It used to be that an invitation to see the neighbor’s recent vacation photos was viewed as just a notch above an invitation to one’s own funeral.

However, now that we’re all wandering around with pretty decent digital cameras in our pockets all the time, and since travel has become a celebrated exercise in exploration not simply custom, it can be pretty enjoyable to look in on where other people have been and what they’ve been doing.

We invite you to look in on what we’ve all been up to after we shut down our workstations and exit 566 West Adams.

CHRIS SCULLES Somewhere between Chicago and Toronto. Held at the Canadian border — 3 hours.

TOM BUONINCONTRO, Orland Hills, IL. Ever get on the wrong train, or fall asleep on a train, or do both on the same snowy sub-zero day?

NATHAN FIELDS Chicago, IL. Consuming a cup of Panama by La Colombe, brewed in one of five steampunk machines in the world, with super bright flavor notes (mandarin, apricot, bergamot, clementine and champagne grapes), coddling myself through two weeks of time entry.

MELISSA WONG Potsdam, Germany This photo was taken in Sansoucci in front of Frederick the Great’s Summer Palace last year.

RYAN CARPENTER Fort Worth, TX. Suffered through a Texas Rangers game for a meat-by-the-pound adventure at Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ.

MARK CAMPBELL Santa Barbara, CA. Graffiti on a fence at a Santa Barbara beach on Christmas Eve 2013. A nice reminder to enjoy life and a harsh reminder of the difference between California and Chicago winter weather.

LACY COLIGAN Palo Duro Canyon, TX. Sightseeing with the boys.

DIANE HOOVER Union Pacific Northwest Line, IL. More adventures on the Metra, where I spend too much of my leisure time.

KILEY RUGGIERO Chicago, IL. Home. Shielding my son from the polar vortex.

SUZANNE JONES Phi Phi Leh, Thailand. In December, we traveled around the Phi Phi Islands off of the Andaman Coast of Thailand. Maya Bay was the most beautiful of all of them. It may look familiar, as it was the setting of Leonardo DiCaprio’s film from 2000, The Beach.

LAUREN REVIERE Gatlinburg, TE. Slow shutter shot on a hike to The Grotto Falls.

LORRAINE REINSCH Two Rivers, WI. German typographer Erik Spiekermann’s new custom woodtype font on press for proofing during the 2013 Wayzgoose at the Hamilton Woodtype Museum. Totally geeked out when I got to meet him and ask his help on identifying my German metal typeface.

CRYSTAL HOLLINS-MCCREE New Orleans, LA. Laissez-ing les bons temps rouler.

BETSY FIDEN Nashville, TE. Jones Fly Company. Five Points neighborhood. I don’t fish – but I photo.

KIMI BADGER San Diego, CA. Enjoying some much-needed sun and sand on Mission Beach.

WINSTON CONKLIN Labadee, Haiti. Enjoying the beach on a perfect Caribbean day.

ANDREW HUFF Grenada. Each morning while we were visiting Grenada in the Caribbean, we enjoyed homemade breakfast out on our veranda.

JODIE ALSTRIN LAKE Granby, CO. (ELEVATION 8380) What was I thinking leaving the polar vortex of Chicago to go ice fishing in Colorado? Anyone who has ever been fishing knows it’s all about snacks, drinking, some talking and fixating on beautiful scenery. This adventure, surrounded by 360 degrees of mountains, was all that and more! This was a warm 35 degrees on ice over 3 feet thick with 2 feet of snow on top. Snow chair and cup holder … bonus! Double bonus: hot tub afterwards!

ROB BROOKMAN Tampa, FL. Watching the manatees gather in the warm waters of the discharge canal beneath the Tampa Electric plant.

KIM VONESH Austin, TX. My husband surprised me with a trip to Austin this summer and a weekend pass to Austin City Limits. Got to see some great bands and buy some kickass Cowboy boots!

RODNEY PARKER Joliet, IL. I’ve been down the aisle. I got married on the 23rd of June 2013.

TAYLOR KONIGSEDER Pasadena, CA. At the National Championship game. My alma mater, FSU, dominated Auburn and finally proved to the rest of the nation that we are kind of a big deal.

ROB ANDERSON Zaandam, Netherlands. Real working windmills in Zaanse Schans, including mustard mills, sawmills, oil mills and dye mills.

BRENDAN SHANLEY Taos Ski Valley, NM. I went skiing through the trees and moguls on the slopes in northern New Mexico. As my ski instructor said, “every third tree is rubber, but you don’t want to test that.”