Taking sales out for a spin.

Objective: offers a suite of digital and mobile products that helps dealers sell new and used cars, source the best used cars in their markets and build their service business. To launch their new Cars360 retargeting product — designed to increase a dealer’s online influence by delivering display ads to interested shoppers in their area — they wanted to arm their representatives with both a digital and print sales tool for one-on-ones with dealers.


We recommended, designed and produced an iPad® app that uses parallax technology, allowing the viewer to follow the car shopper’s journey in an engaging and dynamic manner. We also created a leave-behind piece with a wide-gamut technique, which uses more intense substitute colors for cyan, magenta and yellow, creating a broader, brighter range of possible colors when using a four-color printing process. For even more impact, we used a spot gloss varnish on the cover, as well as on interior “360 pops,” to draw the viewer eye to the key 360 messages, a print-oriented adaptation of the animation we had working for us in the app.

Why parallax for a sales presentation? With just the swipe of a finger, the viewer is led through a new car buyer’s journey while also learning about the features of the Cars360 retargeting product.

As the presenter reaches specific points on the site, animations are queued and text is animated for emphasis. In this case, as opposed to video, it was instrumental in allowing the sales team to be able to breeze through the presentation at whatever rate they were comfortable with, which also allowed for time to immediately answer questions.

Also, unlike a traditional sales presentation in PowerPoint, the app can be posted online and function as a stand-alone experience, as well.


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