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Dental marketing: a fresh strategy
for Young Dental.


Young Dental, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of dental hygiene products, built a solid social media foundation among its target audience: registered dental hygienists (RDH) who typically manage their office’s inventory. But Young was looking to expand its reach and content strategy on social media.

Young asked us to take over its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the goal of reaching 20,000 total Likes/followers by the end of the year. With loose existing guidelines in place, McGuffin had the chance to explore different ways of talking to the niche audience and maintaining Young’s professional, but informal, RDH hub on social.


After getting to know how RDHs behave on social, we developed an in-depth social media marketing strategy and content schedule to communicate with them. Some of the posts strongly touted Young’s products, but many others simply focused on adding value to the lives of the audience and starting natural conversations already prevalent in the dental hygiene industry.

Harnessing the powerful sense of community among RDHs, we ran contests and giveaways (resulting in engagement from thousands of users), shared offers valuable to RDHs, covered relevant industry events and shared photos sourced from RDHs who already used and loved Young products. We also shared inspirational messages that would make any RDH proud of their career, and we even started a series profiling working guygienists (male hygienists).

Reached year-end goal of 20,000 total followers in three months.

• Facebook Likes increased 16%
• Twitter followers increased 4%
• Instagram followers increased 18%
• Total Likes/followers increased 15%
• Total Likes/followers rose to 20,088


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