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Attracting volunteers for a one-of-a-kind mission, half a world away.


The recipient of the second annual McGuffin Grant was Global Mamas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women in the West African country of Ghana achieve financial independence through the production and export of fair trade products. In their grant application, the group requested help with a campaign that would reach out to potential volunteers and interns, whose talents help the organization achieve its mission and who, in return, enjoy a one-of-a-kind African cultural adventure and learning experience.


To communicate to students at the source (and make the client’s budget go as far as possible), McGuffin produced both small sellsheets and hand-screened posters that challenged readers to “be the one who does something you never thought possible, somewhere you never thought you’d be.” The materials were distributed to internship advisors at selected universities. At the same time, McGuffin reimagined the Global Mamas website, refreshing the look, updating the voice and simplifying the navigation to better highlight internship and volunteer opportunities.

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