Mixers and Mingles

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McGuffin helps friends, clients and vendors put their best party forward.


Each year, McGuffin creates a holiday promotion based on a handful of guiding principles: that the project showcases our team’s creative capabilities, appeals to clients and captures the personality (creative, collaborative, fun-loving and definitely unstuffy) of our firm. For 2011, those principles resulted in The McGuffin Guide to Mingles and Mixers, a modern take on an old-fashioned bar manual featuring unique drink recipes and party tips from every member of the McGuffin team.


The guide aimed to be a fun, funny and perhaps even useful handbook for the ever-so-slightly awkward entertainer. Selections range from a beverage including candied bacon as an ingredient to advice on why bruschetta should never be served at a party.

The overarching goal was to create a piece that was interactive in a timeless way — we wanted it to be used, to be handled, to be a nice, tactile experience. While we looked at classic cocktail guides as a starting point for design and copy, we tried to split the difference between contemporary and vintage in both the look and the writing.

McGuffin Mingles and Mixers Live (The Party)

The McGuffin Guide to Mingles and Mixers had a second life as the inspiration for a springtime client party, which featured cocktails from the book, as well as complimentary cocktail shakers imprinted with the Mingles and Mixers mark.

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