Options For Youth

Helping a Chicago nonprofit bring opportunity to kids who need it most.


The recipient of McGuffin’s fifth annual Grant was Options for Youth, an organization on Chicago’s South Side that supports vulnerable adolescents and helps them create positive options for their futures. Options for Youth focuses on three distinct adolescent groups. The Subsequent Pregnancy Program is a community-based effort that helps first-time adolescent mothers become self sufficient before deciding to have another child. The Peer Advocates for Health program, also a community-based effort, provides knowledge and healthy lifestyle choices to adolescent males. The Options Program is school-based and provides training and individual support to pregnant or parenting high school students and their young children.


Options for Youth had been delivering exceptional results for 25 years but was falling short in its brand identity and presentation to the public. McGuffin got to work by creating a logo, brand identity standards, an elevator speech and a completely revamped website. McGuffin’s contributions helped Options for Youth establish greater awareness and understanding of its distinct programs, build a stronger visual connection of the organization to local and regional communities, and enhance relationships with philanthropic partners. By consolidating and clarifying the group’s missions, McGuffin provided valuable assistance in helping Options for Youth tell its story.

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